Our Retail Showroom

Visit our retail showroom to find a great selection of welders, welding supplies, welding gases, Western Snow Plows, marine supplies, Outboard Jet parts, trailer parts and more. Stop by and let our experienced staff help you find exactly what you need for your welding, fabrication, or repair.


We carry welders in stock from from Miller, Lincoln, EAB, 3 and 1 and single servie units. We carry stick, Mig, Tig,and plasma cutters in our retail store. We can also order any type of machine to fit your needs for home, shop, or industrial use.

Welding Supplies

We also carry many of the most needed welding supplies such as flapper disks, cut off wheels, Mig welding consumables, wire and electrodes. We are a dealer for Matheson Welding Supplies and have full access to welding and safety supplies.

Welding Gasses

We carry many of the most used welding gases in stock in our retail location. We carry Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, 75/25, Nitrogen, and Helium. We stock all sizes of cylinders as customer owned cylinders. We also carry some specialty mixes for aluminum and beverage dispensers. We also cater to the home owner for your home brew gas needs.

Marine Supplies

We’re your little big store for marine needs. Don’t let our size fool you because we’re not a “big box store”. Many times our prices beat the non local box store prices. We carry marine supplies from brands such as Perko, Blue Seas, Rule, Shields, (tie-down), Sierra, and Sea Dog.

Outboard Jets Parts and Service

We have been your Outboard Jets dealer in the Mat-Su Valley since 2001. We stock a full range of common Outboard Jets parts for outboard motors from 25hp to 200hp. We also stock some of the hard to find parts and we are always happy to special order anything that is available at Outboard Jets in California.

We have become more than a dealer for them and we associate with them as friends and family. We also do full service work on all outboard jet units, Red, Black, Blue or Silver. We can sell and service them all.

Trailer Parts

We are a dealer for Six Robblees for trailer parts. We can service all types of brakes, bearings, spindles, hubs, axles, and suspensions. Whether it be a horse trailer, snow machine trailer, flatbed, or R.V trailer, if it rolls or gets towed we can help keep it on the road.

Western Snow Plows

Winter time in Alaska means snow. If you need to move snow consider doing it in the warmth of your pickup cab. We have been the Mat-Su Valley Western Snow Plow Dealer since 2011. We sell and service all Western Snow Plows. Yes even 40 year old cable controlled plows! We can help you find the right plow for almost any size American made pickup. Stop by our shop and let us help you get ready for winter.

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