A Family Owned and Operated Local Business

Gary Feaster, Owner

Greatland Welding and Machine Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Palmer, Alaska. Gary Feaster, founder and owner, started Greatland Welding and Machine in 1999. Since then he has grown Greatland Welding and Machine Inc. into a strong and thriving local business.

Gary and his wife of 26 years are raising three children and they strive to live a life of faith, honesty, and integrity and operate an upstanding community oriented business. Gary is known for being a strong family man, husband, and father and is actively involved in the local community. He can often be seen calling square dancing and conducting auctions as a sought after auctioneer. He also serves as an elder of his local church.

Over the years Gary has assembled a great team of qualified and experienced welders, machinists, and fabricators. They recently completed construction of a new 6,500 sq. ft shop addition with 2 state of the art welding bays to accommodate a larger scope and volume of work and growing staff.

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