WIDE-OUT The one plow that does it all! V-PLOW HAND-HELD CAB COMMAND CONTROL & JOYSTICK CONTROL The hand-held Cab Command control is easy to use – each function has a separate button. Wings move in or out, either simultaneously or separately, at the touch of a button. There’s no need to push multiple control buttons to lock the blade wings together for straight blade use. The control face is even backlit for night-time operation. An optional joystick control is also available. Known for it's productivity and reliability,  the V- Plow blow the competition away! STRAIGHT BLADE MID WEIGHT STEEL PLOW HALF-TON SNOWPLOW IN 2009 SPECIFIC FOR 1/2 TON TRUCKS PRO-PLUS STEEL PLOW SPECS 1.5 CU YD 1.8 CU YD 2.5 CU YD
DUAL POWER BAR Six vertical ribs and a dual power bar design provide exceptional strength and prevent blade twisting.    WING CUTTING EDGES Durable polyurethane wing cutting edges reduce wear and protect the blade – allowing it to “trip” in any position.  HYDRAULIC WING EXTENSIONS Independently position each wing to maximize plow blade width and carrying capacity. Steel top center gap cover and formed center cutting edges prevent snow leakage in all blade positions. POWER BAR  The POWER BAR runs across the back of the blade, providing exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade twisting.   HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL BASE CHANNEL  The high-strength steel base channel reinforces the blade, providing extra support where it’s needed most.  STANDARD FEATURES  • Elastomer Trip Stop Pads to cushion tripping action  • UltraMount® System – the simplest plow on/off system on the market  • Isolation Module electrical system
The new HTS Snow plow by Western  Two-spring trip blade  Six vertical ribs  One-side hookup Hydraulic Scrape Lock  14-gauge Steel Moldboard  75-degree Attack Angle  15 1/2 Degree Curl Radius And so much more contact us for more information!
OPTIONAL BLADE WINGS  Blade wings have been a huge hit with contractors, as they allow scooping, add to carrying capacity and reduce trail-off. They utilize a single pin for quick attach/detach   SHOCK ABSORBER  The shock absorber softens trip action to extend the life of your truck and plow.   OPTIONAL BACK DRAG EDGE  A back drag edge is available for steel PRO-PLOW® blades to help quickly clear snow away from garage doors and curbs.  RUBBER DEFLECTOR  A rubber snow deflector is standard on all POLY PRO-PLOWS®.
PRO-PLUS STEEL PLOW  BIG, TOUGH AND BUILT TO LAST  Designed for Heavy Duty Commercial and Municipal Application
TORNADO  A Whole New Generation In Contractor  Grade Performance by Western
OPEN POLY HOPPER COVERS  to protect the truck bed from material overflow during loading. Standard top screen breaks up large material chunks for better flow.  STEEL PINTLE CHAIN CONVEYOR  and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing provide strength, reliability, and consistent material flow. VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLLER  with multiplexing technology features self-diagnostics with LED's, including notification when hopper is empty.
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